this is the story of the Dive Bar

just so you know


The world is crazier than ever. You work more for less. Every where you turn, someone is living the dream. You’re just trying to stay awake at your cubicle. Or the wheel. 

Before life as a Health Science Professor, Phil Capone worked in retail. And in restaurants. And every other job he could find. At night he worked the crowd playing the seedy bars and clubs of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Here, he learned the survival tricks required to burn the candles at both ends. Few people have such extensive knowledge in both good and bad behavior. 

It was a cold, wet, day just outside of Pittsburgh, when Phil Capone realized the public’s need for an energy bar that was part sports drink, part protein shake, and totally delicious. A year later, after dozens of recipes and hundreds of hours researching micronutrition, physiology, and hangovers, the Dive Bar was born.

Meet the Team

we are proud to present our company

Phil Capone

the CEO

I created this company and product for working class heroes, students, and zeros. I believe in aliens, liberty, and just this for all.


Tech Director

I transform the inter webs to delicious nutrients. YOU’RE WELCOME !


Sales and Fulfillment

I’m the guy that makes things appear – on your doorstep and in your stores. I wish I could talk about the future products and flavors. You’ll see soon enough!

You ain't never seen a giraffe, sucka?