Happy New Year Dive Barmy!

I hope that you all had a wonderful, safe, NYE and are ready for a great 2023!

As we conclude our 2022 at Dive Bar Nutrition, we are honored to say it was our most amazing year since we opened in Summer of 2017. For many of you, it was your first time enjoying our bars, and in some cases we were not able to deliver the bars as fast as we have in years prior. Sometimes we did not have them, sometimes USPS fell behind 2-3 days... sometimes BOTH! This reality, combined with the challenges of sourcing our ingredients and materials during the post-pandemic economy, has been bothersome to me, especially as December orders fell behind by 6-10 days (again, in part due to USPS challenges).

Dive Bar Nutrition made waves in the fitness snack industry back in 2017, not only for being a great-tasting energy bar, but for the personal attention and prompt shipping that so many legacy brands failed to deliver. Putting customer experience first is something that we will not allow to sacrifice. Each and every supporter of DBN is to be valued and appreciated today, just as they were on day one of the company. It is for this reason that I have decided to put people first and money last. We will need a 10 day "working closure" to add both equipment and people, while expaniding into a new structure, dedicated to high-volume shipping. 

Of course, any order that you have already placed will be fulfilled this week. We are simply restricting purchases so that we can get a leg up on the inventory. We will be working everyday and ready to take you questions as usual. With this 10-day renovation/closure, we will be able to re-open like never before: with MORE caffeine-free bars, MORE nut butters, and MORE DEALS ! ! !

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to fueling your bad self 2023 ...IN GOOD TASTE.

Very Sincerely,

Professor Phil