2023 Renovation pt 2 - The FINAL COUNTDOWN

2023 Renovation pt 2 - The FINAL COUNTDOWN

Hi Friends ! ! !

Just a quick update from DBN global HQ...

We know that many of you are saddened that you cannot order Dive Bars this week, and to learn that it will likely be 4+ weeks. We are flattered to hear from so many folks who will miss their Dive Bars, and as always, honored to be a part of your diet!

There has been a bit of confusion, since we endured a week-long closure 2 months ago, citing a move/renovation. That closure was the first step in growing our facility, and mainly revolved around moving our mailing center and beefing up our team to accommodate our new needs. We quickly learned that those efforts would only half resolve our challenges  - we have moved into the #1 slot for online snack companies, and very quickly, to say the least !

I have made the stressful decision to close our operation entirely while we complete the building and permitting of our new facility. It is the only way to deliver all that our supporters want and deserve; additional flavors, variety of products, and faster shipping. Profits have always come last here at Dive Bar Nutrition and if we cannot deliver the goods (literally and metaphorically) we will not accept any money until we can!

In the coming weeks, I invite you to follow on social media and/or join our email list (signup found at the bottom of our website). I will deliver updates on machinery installations, new flavors, tease grand re-openeing specials, and probably even give away hundreds and hundreds of dollars in gift cards and merch. When we return, we will be better than ever before. And as always, we will be the best... in good taste !


Mucho Love!

Professor Phil