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    Yoga for constipation

    Yep you read that right! Did you know yoga is great for our organs? It cleans and rids your body of toxins! I put together some great yoga poses to help in the bathroom department! So if you've been "backed up" I highly recommend you give this quick 10 min sequence a try. It should help get things moving! It works for me every time! Follow me on YouTube linked below and on Instagram for all things Yoga, health and yummy recipes: @wwjourneyofme and follow the infamous Dive Bar Nutrition at @divebarnutrition if your not already!


    Last month of the year! Let's make it count!

    Happy December Divebarmy!

    We have only 31 days of 2019 left! Let's go out with a bang! Don't let the holidays dictate your goals! You can still enjoy the holidays with your friends and family without getting off track with your goals! So, lets make each day count, fuel our bodies, drink our water and let's get some movement in! I've included day 4 of my gratitude yoga series below, a fun and easy workout that includes resistance, cardio, stretching and meditation in one! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @wwjourneyofme for more yoga, healthy recipes and some inspiration and more importantly, don't forget to follow the incredible @divebarnutrition which I am sure you already do! Click the video below to get your yoga on!


    Gratitude Day 3

    Hey Divebarmy fam! Were only 2 days away from Thanksgiving and we are in the thick of the "holiday season." This can be quite a stressful time for many. Thats where my yoga comes in. If you can dedicate just 30 minutes a day, you don't need a gym membership or fancy equipment and you don't even have to leave your house! Yoga helps zen me out when I feel anxious and stressed, but it also gives me the most amazing feeling of euphoria, and I want to share that feeling with you all. I tell all of my yogi's to give it at least 30 days. You won't see changes physically or internally after 3 days. You need the full 30 days to see the changes unfold. You may even end up sticking with it! I've included Day 3 of my gratitude series below for your convenience. Follow me for all things yoga, Dive Bars, recipes & shenanigans on Instagram @wwjourneyofme and follow the Professor for new upcoming Dive Bar flavor releases, upcoming sales and comedy over @divebarnutrition

    Happy yoga-ing & Happy Thanksgiving to you all




    November is the month of gratitude

    Hey Divebarmy fam - Being that November is a month where we reflect on what we are thankful for, I thought it fitting to name my monthly yoga series "Gratitude." Each practice is beginner level, ranges from 30 to 45 minutes and will have you sweating and shaking. At the end of each practice, I ask you all to think of something you are grateful for that day and to reflect on it. Yoga is more than just the physical practice. Its also about living yoga off the mat each day. By showing our gratitude, love, patience, humbleness and keeping an open mind. 

    Of course yoga has had a huge positive impact on my physical body, but it has also had a huge impact on my mental health. If you are hesitant about yoga, I challenge you to try it for at lease 30 days. You will be far more likely to see the changes in your mind, body and soul after those 30 days are up. If you only try it once and give up, you won't be able to see all of the amazing benefits it offers. Luckily, my yoga is doable for everyone, but still enough of a challenge that you will get a great workout in. So roll out your mats, find an open space, and press play on the video below, day 2 of my Gratitude Yoga Series. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram & YouTube for more yoga, healthy recipes and fun - IG: @wwjourneyofme YT: WW Journey of Me and to stay up to date on the newest dive bar flavors, sales and giveaways, follow @divebarnutrition.


    Welcome Divebarmy Yogi's!!!

    Hey Divebarmy fam! My name is Katie, a Florida girl and avid yogi who loves eating Dive Bars! I am one of Dive Bar's biggest fans as well as an ambassador. I've also been a member of WW for nearly 2 years, and between yoga and WW, I've lost a total of 98 lbs. When I am not eating my beloved Dive Bars, you can find me on my yoga mat! I have been producing yoga for my Instagram followers for months and will now be adding yoga workouts for you guys to do right here on the Dive Bar Blog! My yoga is beginner level, faster paced flows that will leave you feeling sweaty, flexible, strong and yoga stoned (a feeling of euphoria or that you are floating on a cloud!) I've turned quite a few of my followers on to yoga, who now religiously do my yoga videos every day. 

    You will find that my yoga videos are very "real life," somewhat comical and you will forget the fact that we aren't just hanging out in my living room doing yoga together. You can also check out more of my yoga on my Instagram: @wwjourneyofme and of course, don't forget to follow Dive Bar on Instagram at @divebarnutrition 

    Today's video is from my newest yoga series called "Gratitude" Day 1. Its a 45 minute flow that will leave you feeling incredible. Click on the video below to check it out!