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    YOGA — free yoga

    Yoga for constipation

    Yep you read that right! Did you know yoga is great for our organs? It cleans and rids your body of toxins! I put together some great yoga poses to help in the bathroom department! So if you've been "backed up" I highly recommend you give this quick 10 min sequence a try. It should help get things moving! It works for me every time! Follow me on YouTube linked below and on Instagram for all things Yoga, health and yummy recipes: @wwjourneyofme and follow the infamous Dive Bar Nutrition at @divebarnutrition if your not already!


    Last month of the year! Let's make it count!

    Happy December Divebarmy!

    We have only 31 days of 2019 left! Let's go out with a bang! Don't let the holidays dictate your goals! You can still enjoy the holidays with your friends and family without getting off track with your goals! So, lets make each day count, fuel our bodies, drink our water and let's get some movement in! I've included day 4 of my gratitude yoga series below, a fun and easy workout that includes resistance, cardio, stretching and meditation in one! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @wwjourneyofme for more yoga, healthy recipes and some inspiration and more importantly, don't forget to follow the incredible @divebarnutrition which I am sure you already do! Click the video below to get your yoga on!