DickerSnoodle - 6 Bars
DickerSnoodle - 6 Bars
DickerSnoodle - 6 Bars

DickerSnoodle - 6 Bars

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My Dive Bar don't want none unless you got Cinnabunz hun!

In fact it is just about the same Dive Bar, just re-named for the gringos que no comprenden! Enjoy hints of turbinado sugar and rich cinnamon on a classic Dive Bar base, made with creamy almond butter.

Wowza ! ! ! !

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INGREDIENTS: Whey protein, Soluble corn fiber, Tapioca syrup, Brown rice syrup, Almond butter, Whole wheat flour, Stevia, Organic turbinado sugar, Cinnamon.

CONTAINS: Whey, wheat, Caffeine, and Almonds


Be the Best... Everyone!

We run Dive Bar like a fitness program. No shortcuts! Good stuff in for good results. Hard work pays off. Let us fuel the You !