4 Piece Mini Starter
4 Piece Mini Starter
4 Piece Mini Starter
4 Piece Mini Starter
4 Piece Mini Starter
4 Piece Mini Starter

4 Piece Mini Starter

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Your friends are eating Dive Bars. Your favorite celebrity eats a Dive Bar. You follower Dive Bar ambassadors on IG, but you are a chicken and still have not ordered? NO PROBLEMO !

We know it can be scary ordering a super awesome snack online when you cannot taste it. So here ya go: 4 mini Dive Bars, based on our 4 best sellers... Commitment free like sexy time on a dating app!

Avg nutrition data: 7g protein, 12g carb, 4fat... 110 cal

This is a combo item. To review individual nutrition labels, click on any flavor in our webstore.

This combination product may contain Dive Bars based on almond butter or peanut butter.

For more detailed info on the contents of this combo pack, fee free to click on any and all flavors within our webstore. To help clarify the nutrition of this combo pack with ease, please consider that full-sized Dive bars typically provide:

  • 15-16g of Protein
  • 25-26g of Carbs
  • 7-9g of Fat
  • 90mg of Caffeine
  • 500mg of Taurine 

These figures should be cut in half when considering "mini" Dive Bars.

Thanks Y'all!

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