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Confident businessman holding his legs in funny socks on desk

Confident businessman holding his legs in funny socks on desk

Contact us for sales, returns, and wholesale information. Customer feedback is the lifeblood of our business.


Users and customers, and their personal info, of Dive Bar Nutrition (hereafter referred to as “Company” shall remain protected by all means available and their browsing and/or shopping habits shall not be shared or sold to any other business entity by Company. Credit card and financial methods of payment shall be processed by leading processing services Stripe & Amazon and information shall be kept private by stated institutions and not be forwarded outside of their records. Any cookies or web browser records created by an enabled and user-approved web browser or application (Chrome, Facebook, Youtube, etc) is result of accepting a user agreement and not the doing of Us.


Buyer understands that, while all attempts are made to ship within 2 business days, orders may take up to 5 business days for processing and fulfillment (being shipped), and has checked home page for possible further delays. Buyer understands that online monetary transactions, regardless of how immediately submitted, can encounter technical and human delays, and accepts that both deliveries and/or refunds may be delayed by such. Seller (Dive Bar Nutrition Inc.) cannot be held liable for hardship incurred by buyer while anticipating funds or goods. If requested, Company shall refund orders that have not yet been shipped, but refund shall be subject to a $2.50 processing fee, which company is charged by credit card processor in case of issuing refunds. Buyer agrees to return policy below:


We understand that once in a blue moon an individual may not like the chewy, gooey, energy that is a Dive Bar. We do offer refunds (on products and any collected taxes, not shipping fees) but ask that you take the following steps:

1) Please email us (provided below) stating why you would like to be refunded within 14 days of your order. We will answer within 72 hours and, provided that you don’t come across like a psychotic, provide you a Refund Authorization number. If you have a damaged package it is important that you photograph it and include pics in your email. Please take a few angles and include the shipping label with your name on it so that we may make an insurance claim.

2) Mail the uneaten Dive Bars back to us. Please add a note with the Return Authorization number and the order number written on it. To receive a 100% refund, we must receive 80% of consumable products (Dive Bars, powders, supplements, etc). In the event of clothing or non-consumable goods, they must be unworn/unused. Bars are not resold, but must be in our possession for a write-off.

3) Within 72 hours of receiving your returned goods we will initiate a refund. This can take between 1 and 72 hours depending on your bank/creditor and what day/time the refund is begun (Friday afternoon refunds can be delayed by banks until Monday).


Phone: 323-451-2181

Email: Info@DiveBarNutrition.com