Professor Designed, Student approved

Dive Bars were designed to help with the long days that follow long nights. Professor Phil set out to create a snack that was full of his students' favorite hangover tricks - recreating the nutrition of a breakfast burrito, with a side of whole wheat toast, a coffee, and a banana. It had to be the best-tasting protein/energy bar he had ever eaten. Dozens of formulas later, the Dive Bar was born.

Dive Bar Nutrition is now a favorite snack of students, supermoms, athletes, and gamers. We help some build muscle, and we help some lose fat. Our customer base is family. They are the Dive Barmy and we invite YOU to help us grow beyond 1 million strong. Boom!


74% of our small business retailers report new customers entering store in pursuit of Dive Bars... and they comeback weekly.




We trust YOU to spread the word that Dive Bar is the best choice in sports nutrition and active lifestyle snacking. You sell chewy caffeinated Dive Bars, you make the dough!



Ask our sales department about cross marketing. If you have three + locations, Dive Bar Nutrition will advertise the fact that you are an authorized retailer targeting your county.