BOO BERRY - 6 bars
BOO BERRY - 6 bars
BOO BERRY - 6 bars

BOO BERRY - 6 bars

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Powerful Berry flavor based on the famous cereal of a similar name !

If you loved our Blueberry Slobblin Gobbler flavor, and/or our Strawberry Shortcake, you will need this Dive Bar! It's like the two flavors did naughty naughty on molly and made a super delicious baby!


In case you're still not picking up what we're putting down, Imagine a classic Blueberry Dive Bar with bits of white chocolate chips to convey pie ala mode creaminess, with drizzles of strawberry flavoring to round out the ultimate farmhouse flavors this Halloween. So good, zombies would even eat this... And they typically eat vegans!

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