CANADA V-DAY 15 bar mixer

CANADA V-DAY 15 bar mixer

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Hello Canadia !

Sexy month is here and these bars are a creamy dream come tru! You need nutrition, you need energy, and you need it to taste GOOD. We work hard to bring you all three so you can be the best you that you can be when you're being you. Right or wrong, right???

 Enjoy the mental stimulation precovery bars that changed the game with these ltd edition flavors. Workouts last longer and count for more when you fuel them!

Pick 3 flavors, get 5 of each ! ! !

Bon Apetite ! ! ! 

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Be the Best... Everyone!

We run Dive Bar like a fitness program. No shortcuts! Good stuff in for good results. Hard work pays off. Let us fuel the You !