Dirty Dozen variety pack

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You wanna bang lots of different people, so it’s only normal to want all different Dive Bars. Finally, you can indulge without the stinging sensation when you pee 36 hours after hanky panky.

12 Dive Bars, 3 of each classic flavor:

  • Cookies n dreams
  • Choclate chip cookie though
  • Trash can cookie
  • Peanut, but her chocolate chip

For the nutrition label or kinky description of any flavor, click into the particular flavor and check out the description section.


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Weight 2.5 lbs


  1. Maegan (verified owner)

    So good. so good. Dang they are so frickin good.
    No protein taste. Soft kind of like cookie dough.
    Trashcan cookie is amazing!! All of them I’ve tasted are amazing.
    BEWARE, transfer addiction has occurred….I’m obessed.

  2. Makaria

    I don’t know how they do it, but hot damn! These bars have the best flavor, the absolute best texture, and the most delightful and hilarious descriptions of any I’ve ever had before! TRY THEM ALL, you won’t regret it!

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