November is the month of gratitude

Hey Divebarmy fam - Being that November is a month where we reflect on what we are thankful for, I thought it fitting to name my monthly yoga series "Gratitude." Each practice is beginner level, ranges from 30 to 45 minutes and will have you sweating and shaking. At the end of each practice, I ask you all to think of something you are grateful for that day and to reflect on it. Yoga is more than just the physical practice. Its also about living yoga off the mat each day. By showing our gratitude, love, patience, humbleness and keeping an open mind. 

Of course yoga has had a huge positive impact on my physical body, but it has also had a huge impact on my mental health. If you are hesitant about yoga, I challenge you to try it for at lease 30 days. You will be far more likely to see the changes in your mind, body and soul after those 30 days are up. If you only try it once and give up, you won't be able to see all of the amazing benefits it offers. Luckily, my yoga is doable for everyone, but still enough of a challenge that you will get a great workout in. So roll out your mats, find an open space, and press play on the video below, day 2 of my Gratitude Yoga Series. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram & YouTube for more yoga, healthy recipes and fun - IG: @wwjourneyofme YT: WW Journey of Me and to stay up to date on the newest dive bar flavors, sales and giveaways, follow @divebarnutrition.


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