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Professor Designed, Student Approved

Professor Phil created Dive Bars when his students were coming to the university fitness center tired and hung over, with two fistfuls of coffee and junk food. He dug into his past as a rock musician and pizza delivery driver, fused his knowledge with exercise science/sports nutrition, and got to work in his home kitchen. A year later, the best energy bar on Earth was also the best tasting !

Ltd Edition...

Grrr Scoot cookie collection. Modeled after your favorite seaonsal cookies. Go YOU!

Extraordinary results
From ordinary folks. Understand caffeine, taurine, and macro BALANCE...

n SAVE !

Set it and forget it. Never miss DELICIOUS

Dive Bars are nutrition-balanced for success so if you're counting calories, calories, macros, or points, you can join the countless success stories we have fueled!

Competitive edge

Dive Bars hit the protein/carb/fat balance that trainers and academia agree the body needs to go and regrow. Add Taurine for maximum blood circulation and caffeine for hand-eye coordination. Now WIN !

Follow us for giveaways, new flavor alerts, and just a good time !
Follow us for giveaways, new flavor alerts, and just a good time !
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