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Orders over $15 are almost always sent Priority Mail, so even if we’re behind a few days, you won’t be hangry for long!

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We use the leading point of sale software (Stripe) with multiple security checks. For even faster checkout, use the Amazon portal to instantly pay through your Amazon account!


what our customers say

F. A. Q.

My bars seem to have inconsistencies in color, and sometimes even texture. Are they spoiled?

Absolutely not. Because we are a boutique brand we source many of our ingredients from varied wholesalers. Nut butters and brown rice syrup particularly come from several different suppliers. Because of this you may have bars that range from off-white to some kind of tan/brown. These inconsistencies have been determined to not alter the taste and nutrition profile or we would not permit such variations.

On that note, we do recommend that they are stored at temperatures below 75 degrees F. Highs and lows in temp. can lead to spoiling, especially when dealing with real chocolate.

What are the benefits of the micronutrients in Dive Bars?

While earning a Master’s in Exercise Science, CEO Phil Capone decided he wanted many of the micronutrients he was reading about in a snack. Coincidentally, these nutrients were in the energy/sports drinks that his undergrad students were drinking to get through the day after a frat party. Generally speaking, Dive Bars were designed to energize athletes, freaks, and geeks (and plenty of moms who lift!). We encourage everyone to research the benefits of Taurine, B12, and Caffeine in daily life and recreational activity. Remember, for peer-reviewed facts, use Google Scholar or the Ebsco database of academic and scholarly articles!

A year of R&D later, the Dive Bar was born.

Do you provide customer support ?

Yes, but only regarding our product. For emotional support, grab some friends and go to happy hour.


We understand that once in a blue moon an individual may not like the chewy, gooey, energy that is a Dive Bar. We do offer refunds (on products and any collected taxes, not shipping fees) but ask that you take the following steps:

1) Please email us (provided below) stating why you would like to be refunded within 14 days of your order. We will answer within 72 hours and, provided that you don’t come across like a psychotic, provide you a Refund Authorization number. If you have a damaged package it is important that you photograph it and include pics in your email. Please take a few angles and include the shipping label with your name on it so that we may make an insurance claim.

2) Mail the uneaten Dive Bars back to us. Please add a note with the Return Authorization number and the order number written on it. To receive a 100% refund, we must receive 80% of consumable products (Dive Bars, powders, supplements, etc). In the event of clothing or non-consumable goods, they must be unworn/unused. Bars are not resold, but must be in our possession for a write-off.

3) Within 72 hours of receiving your returned goods we will initiate a refund. This can take between 1 and 72 hours depending on your bank/creditor and what day/time the refund is begun (Friday afternoon refunds can be delayed by banks until Monday).

Phone: 323-451-2181


Why is my boss a dick/bitch?

Better to ask yourself why do these two gender-based words have similar meaning in one sense but mean such different things in their other capacities.

Don’t wish any harm on him or her… we’ll wish for you.

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Company Mission


Dive Bar Nutrition offers survival foods and nutrition supplements for busy bodies. We know that the gym, jiu jitsu, and a 5am spin class are not for everyone. We don't want to go to that shit, that's for sure. So for those of us who strive to pay the bills and drink our thrills, we have made living well affordable and delicious. That's what's up!

Large orders, wholesale, fundraisers, etc

We often offer free shipping on certain size purchases. Check with us via email to be sure you are getting the hottest deal available! There are instaces where we can ship large orders (5 dozen or more) for prices that may be lower than our web store computes. Holla!

Customer support

We provide support, but only regarding our products. For emotional support, grab some friends and go to happy hour. For returns/exchanges, questions, and customer service call us (323) 451-2181 or email: