Dive Bar keeps muscle and mind connected to get you through the day. Dive Bar is the ultimate energy bar. Professor made, student approved, athlete-grade, but perfect for you…

Say goodbye to cardboard protein bars. Finally a lifestyle food that tastes good too. With Taurine, VB12, Potassium, and Caffeine like a 12 ounce coffee. Imagine a sports drink and the top selling protein bar banged. Chewy and gooey… in your mouth. BOOM.

Company Mission


Dive Bar Nutrition offers survival foods and nutrition supplements for busy bodies. We know that the gym, jiu jitsu, and a 5am spin class are not for everyone. We don't want to go to that shit, that's for sure. So for those of us who strive to pay the bills and drink our thrills, we have made living well affordable and delicious. That's what's up!

Large orders, wholesale, fundraisers, etc

We often offer free shipping on certain size purchases. Check with us via email to be sure you are getting the hottest deal available! There are instaces where we can ship large orders (5 dozen or more) for prices that may be lower than our web store computes. Holla!

Customer support

We provide support, but only regarding our products. For emotional support, grab some friends and go to happy hour. For returns/exchanges, questions, and customer service call us (323) 451-2181 or email: Info@DiveBarNutrition.com