Terms and conditions of sales are below:

Buyer understands that, while all attempts are made to ship within 2 business days, orders may take up to 7 business days for processing and fulfillment (being shipped), and has checked home page for possible further delays. Even if/when a buyer selects and pays for USPS Priority mail, or expedited shipping speeds, these speeds are only the guarantees of the shipping services and shall not go into effect until order is packed and put into possession of said shipping agency.

 Buyer understands and accepts  that Dive Bars are in essence, protein cookies/blondies/brownies and that orders in the warmer half of the year will likely arrive melted. This has no effect on the quality or taste, just the shape. Buyer accepts this and understands that the melted or squished shape of a Dive Bar is not grounds for a return/refund.

Buyer understands and accepts that products will be shipped in the most efficient means to Company and that products may be loosely arranged into a shipping package, lacking the branding and imagery of Company. Furthermore, Buyer accepts that, due to the small boutique operation of Company, select items may come in packaging which varies from that which is circulating online, or appears in stores, but recognizes that the product inside of packaging will be the same and nutritional label will be supplied when printed film wrapper is out of stock or delayed. Buyer understands that online monetary transactions, regardless of how immediately submitted, can encounter technical and human delays, and accepts that both deliveries and/or refunds may be delayed by such. Company cannot be held liable for hardship incurred by Buyer while anticipating funds or goods. If requested, Company shall refund orders that have not yet been shipped, but refund shall be subject to a $2.50 processing fee, which company is charged by credit card processor in case of issuing refunds.

Order Obligation

Upon a transaction processing and payment being verified approved, Company shall ship merchandise as quickly as possible via recognized and reputable carrier (USPS, UPS, or FedEx, and hereafter referred to as “Carrier”). Buyer understands that, while a majority of orders are sent within 2 business days of ordering, order may take up to 5 business days for fulfillment and shipment launch. Should order be unsent after 7 business days (on the 8th calendar weekday/non-holiday), Buyer may request a refund. In the event that an item is claimed to be missing from order, Buyer understands that company shall review shipment history records and determine order contents by reviewing weight of sent parcel. Should the weight sent match the weight of ordered goods, Buyer shall pursue reimbursement with Carrier. In the event that a package is marked as “Delivered” by Carrier, Buyer must pursue reimbursement with carrier. Order obligation of Company is to see orders recognized as “Delivered” by Carrier.

Variations in product size/weight

Buyer understands and accepts that food products can vary in weight and while Dive Bar Nutrition makes a "best-intentions" effort to create every product identical and at its published weight, this can be difficult to do 100% of the time. Buyer recognizes that all products at or within 20% of published weight are deemed "in compliance" with industry standards and expectations. Any grievances regarding product size/weight will require buyer to return merchandise for inspection, and if the issue is found to be valid, compensation in the form of replacement merchandise or store credit shall be issued within 14 days of receiving returned merchandise.

Buyer error during address entry

Dive Bar Nutrition sends orders to the address submitted by Buyer at time of order, with no modification or alteration to the entry unless requested via the email address associated with the order. In the event that the order is returned to Dive Bar Nutrition due to errors in the submitted address, or any other reason not attributable to Dive Bar Nutrition, Buyer will have the choice of supplying additional shipping funds or canceling order for refund. If a second shipment attempt is returned, Dive Bar Nutrition will cancel and refund order.

In the event that the buyer has submitted an incorrect address, and notifies Seller AFTER parcel has shipped, Buyer will assume responsibility/loss, as Dive Bar Nutrition has completed its transaction responsibility upon shipment of goods to initially submitted address.

Wrong or Damaged Items Received:

In the event that items arrive damaged, or incorrect selections are provided, buyer shall provide images of incorrect items. Buyer understands that Dive Bar Nutrition is constantly striving to improve and that can involve documenting errors for the sake of training and retraining fulfillment staff. In rare cases when improvement is not acheived, individuals can be suspended or released, hence images to document and support Buyer's claims are especially important.

Lost/Stolen/Missing packages

Buyer accepts that USPS and most other shipping services do not deem an item as "Lost" or "Missing" until failing to receive and deliver it for 15 days, regardless of the service speed selected (overnight, 2-3 day delivery, etc). During this time, Buyer agrees to keep in contact with Dive Bar Nutrition and inform them if package arrives. If no parcel is delivered after 15 days of shipping provider taking possession of the package, Dive Bar Nutrition will extend the courtesy of handling a "Lost/Missing" claim on behalf of the Buyer.

Orders marked "Delivered" but are not received by Buyer

In the event of orders being marked delivered by a carrier, yet unreceived by Buyer, Dive Bar Nutrition shall claim/replace on behalf of the Buyer once and only once per Buyer, household, and/or payment method. Further cases of this occurrence shall be managed between buyer and USPS, UPS, FedEx, or other correlating shipping service provider, as many of these entities will elect to investigate the shipment prior to honoring a claim. Buyer accepts that the obligation of Dive Bar Nutrition is to send ordered goods and provide tracking info, and that all efforts to assist in communication with USPS or likewise agencies is done as courtesy to Buyer. Buyer understands that shipping services may seek additional information and need to communicate with Buyer regarding causation behind missing parcels, and Buyer understands that their cooperation may needed to facilitate a claim, which they, the Buyer, shall place if second and subsequent cases of missing parcels occurs. Dive Bar Nutrition agrees to provide the necessary tools, such as but not limited to, tracking numbers, web links, and customer service numbers, and to provide required documents to empower the Buyer to create/submit/manage their claim.


We understand that once in a blue moon an individual may not like the chewy, gooey, energy that is a Dive Bar. We offer refunds on your first $30 dollars, with a return period of 30 days after delivery date (based on carrier tacking data). This has been determined to be above and beyond the average "first purchase" price and we discourage large first purchases of new products in any industry, including our own. Refunds shall be on products and any collected taxes, not shipping fees. This refund offer/policy is not extended to clearance items.

To return any item(s) we ask that you take the following steps:

1) Please email us stating why you would like to be refunded within 14 days of your order. We will answer within 72 hours and, if request is met, provide you a Refund Authorization number. If you have a damaged package it is important that you photograph it and include pics in your email. Please take a few angles and include the shipping label with your name on it so that we may make an insurance claim.

2) Mail the uneaten Dive Bars back to us. Please add a note with the Return Authorization number and the order number written on it. To receive a refund, we must receive 80% of consumable products (Dive Bars, powders, supplements, etc). In the event of clothing or non-consumable goods, they must be unworn/unused. Bars are not resold, but must be in our possession for a write-off.

3) Within 72 hours of receiving your returned goods we will initiate a refund. This can take between 1 and 72 hours depending on your bank/creditor and what day/time the refund is begun (Friday afternoon refunds can be delayed by banks until Monday).


Every customer/buyer (hereafter referred to as “Buyer”) of Dive Bar Nutrition Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Company”), and their personal info, shall remain financially and intellectually protected by all means available to Company, and their browsing and/or shopping habits shall not be shared or sold to any other business entity by Company. Credit card and financial methods of payment shall be processed by leading processing services Stripe & Amazon and information shall be kept private by stated institutions and not be forwarded outside of their records. Any cookies or web browser records created by an enabled and user-approved web browser or application (Chrome, Facebook, Youtube, etc) are result of accepting an application’s user agreement and not the doing of Company

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Terms &Restrictions

New categories of Protein Powder, Apparel, and Vitamins, are offered at 50% off - a promotional rate which brings a fiscal loss to Dive Bar Nutrition, and therefore these items may not be further discounted via coupon, and at the time of the BFCM sale, may only be shipped within the USA, or to APO/AFO locations. 10% off of Seasonal and Combo categories shall be the only scenerio in which additional coupons maybe applied. The discounts will conclude on Cyber Monday at 11:50pm eastern standard time. Dive Bar Nutrition reserves the right to cancel and refund any order that it cannot fulfill or which may cause it financial loss.