Welcome Divebarmy Yogi's!!!

Hey Divebarmy fam! My name is Katie, a Florida girl and avid yogi who loves eating Dive Bars! I am one of Dive Bar's biggest fans as well as an ambassador. I've also been a member of WW for nearly 2 years, and between yoga and WW, I've lost a total of 98 lbs. When I am not eating my beloved Dive Bars, you can find me on my yoga mat! I have been producing yoga for my Instagram followers for months and will now be adding yoga workouts for you guys to do right here on the Dive Bar Blog! My yoga is beginner level, faster paced flows that will leave you feeling sweaty, flexible, strong and yoga stoned (a feeling of euphoria or that you are floating on a cloud!) I've turned quite a few of my followers on to yoga, who now religiously do my yoga videos every day. 

You will find that my yoga videos are very "real life," somewhat comical and you will forget the fact that we aren't just hanging out in my living room doing yoga together. You can also check out more of my yoga on my Instagram: @wwjourneyofme and of course, don't forget to follow Dive Bar on Instagram at @divebarnutrition 

Today's video is from my newest yoga series called "Gratitude" Day 1. Its a 45 minute flow that will leave you feeling incredible. Click on the video below to check it out!



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