PB Chocolate Chip - 6 Bars
PB Chocolate Chip - 6 Bars
PB Chocolate Chip - 6 Bars

PB Chocolate Chip - 6 Bars

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Creamy Balls of Peanut Butter. Sweet Semi Dark Chocolate. Chewy and Gooey. Oh, and protein and fiber, and caffeine, and everything else. In. Your. Mouth.

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This Dive Bar is based on peanut butter

PB Chip Nutrition

7g fiber, 90mg caffeine, 500mg taurine

INGREDIENTS: Whey Protein, peanut butter, soluble corn fiber, tapioca syrup, brown rice syrup, whole wheat flour, stevia, glucose, cocoa, canola oil, soy lecithin, salt, natural flavorings. 

WARNING: Contains Peanut butter, caffeine, soy, wheat, and milk

Made on equipment that processes other nuts.

Be the Best... Everyone!

We run Dive Bar like a fitness program. No shortcuts! Good stuff in for good results. Hard work pays off. Let us fuel the You !