November 2020 update regarding quotas and partnership termination

Ambassadors shall be expected to have net sales of $250/month and earn a $25 gift card/store credit monthly. Failure to meet this threshold 2 months in a row is not necessarily grounds for release, however, we will consider the ever-growing “waiting list” and remove the ambassador position if appropriate.

Ambassadors may now select the monetary reward after their 10% commission reaches a reward of $50 in store credit (down from $100). Additional earnings may be paid via Paypal at 5% of net sales.

Conduct and values. We understand that personal interests, religious, and political values are now in many different directions. While we reserve the right to terminate an ambassador position at any time, for any reason, we have no desire to. Our values are rooted in body positivity, self-improvement, motivation, and general fitness. Ambassadors may have other interests outside of these and we shall not concern Dive Bar Nutrition with such unless there is a clear expression of hatred and intolerance, and of course, illegal practices.

Misconducts shall be considered by an unpaid diversity panel, made up of the LGBTQIA community, a vast multitude of ethnicities, members of publicly-traded entertainment corporations, and Professor Phil’s peers and colleagues working the American academia system.

Partnerships are at-will and either party may exit/terminate relationship at any time without reason.


FEB 2021 Ammendum regarding ambassadors purchasing with one another's codes.


The software used to track discount code usage, and provide ambassador access to audit their code's usage, will not log any reward for transactions made by the ambassador using one's own code, or made by an individual presumed to be another ambassador (identified by email used on the order). This is a traditional method of preventing inaccurate data and is also based on the notion that ambassadors are making their purchases with earned store credit. Continual rewards on items paid with store credit creates a false loop of sales history, and so dismissing these types of transactions is standard in commission logging softwares.