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Endangered Species: Small business

Professor’s caffeinated protein bars survives pandemic, E-Com boom breaks all goals!


VENICE, FL - Professor Phil, creator of Dive Bar Nutrition, nearly tripled his caffeinated protein bar sales throughout the pandemic with a 240% increase. Unlike many small businesses, Dive Bar Nutrition grew sales significantly between April 1st, 2020, and June 15th, when the pandemic hit the hardest and is seeking to expand to the local retail market.


“With a nation stuck at home, we grew our social media presence and enhanced our rewards program,” says Professor Phil. “We offered weekly training tips and extra discounts for those in Weight Watchers. If someone commented that they were working long hours in nursing or that they lost their job, I would send a private message and ship them Dive Bars on the house. The sense of online community during a painful time in America led to a united online audience who became a new customer base.”


Phil’s early pandemic success allowed him to invest in new technology and crew member expansion, leading to the production of 1,000 bars an hour. As a result, Dive Bar Nutrition is on the road to selling over one million bars by the summer of this year.


About Dive Bar Nutrition

The Health Science Professor created the first Dive bar in 2016 after noticing his exercise-minded students often seeming drowsy and distracted in class. A year later, after dozens of recipes and hundreds of hours researching micronutrition, physiology, and hangovers...the creamy, caffeinated, Dive Bar was born! Dive Bar Nutrition currently offers over 10 flavors of caffeinated and non-caffeinated bars while on the road to creating more. Currently, Dive Bar Nutrition is headquartered in Venice, Florida. 






Dive Bar Nutrition





Dive Bar Nutrition blends the micronutrition of energy drinks with the macronutrition of a breakfast complete with a coffee. The product is embraced by athletes, super parents, college students, and working class heroes. (Bar shown coming out of a waffle iron - yum!)

40 Months... 1,000,000 Bars

Long days and longer nights. A shortage of ingredients. Price gauging on Covid safety supplies. By Fall 2020, Dive Bar Nutrition came out the other end, and added high volume manufacturing equipment.



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