Hi Frandz, Professor Phil here!

Thank you for all of your support and for clicking to read the update. What a hell of a year and a hell of a month ! One might say we are having a good problem, but none the less it is a problem. This month has been the busiest month in our busiest year. We started with a hurricane that knocked us without power for a week. Even now, as we have resumed baking and mailing, the postal system on the gulf coast of Florida is just insanity - backed up for several days, items moving without the tracking scans being done. Add delayed ingredient orders and we simply do not have theHalloween bars any more (of course if you ordered, we have it and are shipping it) - yall bought almost 100,000 of em !

I have come to the bummer of a reality that we simply need several days to restore order here. We have thousands of pounds of incoming ingredients and supplies just days away.Extra staff are being trained in the office. New equipment is being added. We have just sold/shipped our 2 millionth bar... and it has caused us to stop lol

We hope to offer these mind blowing Halloween bars again, before halloween comes and goes. Please stay tuned on social media, and check our emails, as we should be able to rock your world with these bars later in the week!

 Mucho love yall!

Professor Phil